We help companies grow and innovate through inspirational immersive experiences exploring disruptive technologies and emerging trends.

Since 2006, we have organized hundreds of executive education programmes for corporate executives, business owners, board members of global businesses and government leaders in over 40 destinations around the world.



Anca is a co-founder of Legacy Ventures, a boutique global consultancy building immersion learning programmes to top innovation spots around the world for corporates and business school clients. Anca's interests are in entrepreneurship, disruptive business models, innovation strategies and dilemmas

She is an entrepreneur at heart with more than 7 years of experience connecting with executives from Silicon Valley to Bangalore, Beijing, Berlin, Dubai, Shanghai, Stockholm, Shenzhen, Tel Aviv and many other cities. Her passion is to positively impact the world by creating enriching experiences for the great thinkers and doers so they may connect and innovate. She has a multicultural background and she completed her business education by obtaining an MBA at Imperial College Business School in London in 2011.



Over the last decade Lyndon has managed and led dozens of immersion programmes in most regions of the world including many countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and South America.

Lyndon is South African by background and has a strong passion for social entrepreneurship and social impact working with numerous organizations making a difference in Africa. He completed his Executive MBA at Imperial College in 2006 and has since won numerous awards in the UK for his work with Legacy and it’s partners....


Our Innovation consultants

Bill O’Connor

Founder of the Autodesk Innovation Genome Project

Ed Fernandez

Board Director, Early Stage Investor, Advisor & Entrepreneur

Dr. Burton Lee

European Innovation and Stanford Engineering Professor of Entrepreneurship

Sean Ness

Director for the Institute for the Future - A Futures Research Think Tank

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A global team of connectors who believe in the power of shared knowledge, insights and experiences.



We are experts at creating high-impact, unique, and highly customized experiences for executive teams in every industry.



We have completed over 800 executive immersion programmes.



We have a superb and vast network of successful entrepreneurs, top notch experts, world-class speakers and thought leaders.

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